EMI Products

Custom Galvanized Metal Products, Helical Piers, Small Cell Poles, Platforms, Tilt-Over Poles


OTDR, PON Power Meters, Fiber Power Meters, Splicers, Light Sources, RF Testers

calcom Solutions partners

Telecom Site Solutions

COWS, COLTS, Generator Trailers, Metal Shelters


CWDM, DWDM, Passives, Fiber Pigtails, Fiber Cross Connects, Vaults, Transceivers, Bulkheads, Splice-on Connectors


UPS 12V, 24V, -48V 14hr/24hr back-up, extended warranty, best performance in the market. Solar solution available as well.


Battery charging and monitoring systems that can double battery life and pro-actively management battery maintenance and replacements.

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NEw Partners

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Daico Industries Inc.

Manufacturer of Custom and Catalog Amplifier and Control Products, as well as 

Custom Integrated Assemblies.

American Microwave

Manufacturer of Custom and Catalog RF/Millimeter Wave Products

SPST-SP38T Switches, Up/Dn Converters,

Synthesizers, Power Dividers, DLVA's, and Custom Integrated assemblies.